This is my AP Art 2D Design Concentration. Below the pieces you can read the Concentration Statement and Reflection. (And see the BONUS AP Art Show poster I created for our class!!!)

My concentration will focus on information graphics about music. The collection will visually depict the anatomy of music equipment, the acts of making and listening to music, and the experience of being in the music industry. As visual representations of the various sides of music, the collection will be a digestible and evocative way of dissecting a product and business that many listeners take for granted.

I made sure that my Concentration reflects transformation by actively trying to never repeat myself. After every piece, I tried to identify a design element that I repeatedly included without noticing the pattern, such as the common use of purple as a dominant color or Work Sans as a title font. I vowed to break that pattern in my next piece. This led to design choices that made each piece unique: non-numerical information, a lack of a clear title, and handwritten text, among others.

I split my Concentration into thirds, exploring three spheres of music: the instruments and technology behind music, creating and listening to music, and the industry surrounding the music. I still sought variety within each sphere, from piracy to spectrograms,
earbuds to piano keys.

The greatest challenge was making non-statistical information interesting–there is automatic impact in a large number. However, I believe that those pieces which did not revolve around numbers are the most engaging, as they depict the hidden anatomy of a well-known process or a piece of equipment. This is the ultimate goal of my Concentration: to portray the fascinating “hidden secrets” of music, and showcase the variety of these secrets. In that regard, I hope I succeeded!